We give advice’s on healthcare government, healthcare management, disease prevention and health promotion.


Risk, capacity and impact analysis in care sectors and care settings.

The set-up & implementation of care programs

Population and organization level.


Presentations & webinars.

Documents revision

Protocols, guidelines, vision documents, program designs and plans.

We provide services and products about health & care with a focus on the demand of the specific area in the specific sector and the needs in the population. Our virtual platform offers modules with expertise on education, raising population awareness and facilitating communication between the health sector and the citizen. We include communication aspects in our approach through strategies such as audio books, comics, interviews and short notes, aiming to improve the level of knowledge and awareness.

We provide added value to organizations and logistics in healthcare. DJasCare offers an integrated approach to healthcare systems, and this is available in at least 4 different languages. The population awareness in health and care will increase significantly, because our services will take into account socio-cultural aspects of the specific target groups. The aforementioned has an effective and efficient effect in health promotion, disease prevention and cost saving.

The relevancy of our approach is that we distinguish ourselves in identifying social & cultural aspects and we have the ability to recognize and close the communication gap. We consider the sense of identity and belonging as an important core in healthcare.